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Mobile Marketing - Best Direct Mail Ever?

Location Based Marketing Tactics That Are Working - Payments,

Beacons and coupons are top priorities, By Lauren Johnson

Sprint Past The Competition With Location Based Marketing

Juniper Research forecasts that the Mobile Context and Location

Services market will reach $43.3B in revenue by 2019

Ten ways location based marketing can help small business owners

Consumers Love Mobile Marketing, Location Based Services

News What people are saying What is LOCATION BASED MARKETING?

The ability to locate and market to users based on exactly where they are at any given moment in time is a fundamental benefit of mobile marketing. After all, what better opportunity to get a consumer to respond to your message than when they're right by your location?

“This is the Holy Grail of marketing. You guys have really outdone yourselves”



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Features World-wide location targeting Advanced filtering by keyword , date & time range Social Media Listening Real-time campaign development Search for content by #Hashtag Search single or multiple zones at once Reporting on message delivery Send relevant promotion to targeted Mobile audience Save consumers and build your database Measure, track and report results Industry Solutions

Food Industry

Retail Industry

Event Industry

Charity Industry

“Go360 is the ultimate in hypertargeting handraising - the ability to get the right message to the right prospect at the time they are most receptive to it “